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Intensive Marriage Therapy

Intensive Therapy is available for couples who are interested in addressing their issues beyond the typical one hour weekly sessions. Ninety minutes to three hour sessions are customized to assist couples wanting intense “hands-on” counseling for immediate relationship transformation. In addition, intensive sessions are great for couples who are not available to come in on weekly basis. These sessions will help couples wanting to get back on track in a hurry with clearly defined guidelines for creating new relationship patterns of intimacy and emotional safety. In addition, intensive sessions are convenient for spouses who travel frequently.

Couples may seek intensive marriage/couples therapy because…

  • They are at the brink of divorce and you need longer sessions to work through issues quickly.
  • A spouse may not be able to come weekly for sessions due to travel or work.
  • A spouse is going to be deployed and there is a need to work on issues before he or she leaves.
  • The couple prefers intensive sessions because they feel that it’s more effective for their relationship.
If you are interested in intensive marriage/couples therapy, please contact our office to be scheduled.