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Beverley Boothe, Ph.D., MSW, LCSW

Dr. Beverley Boothe is the President of The Marriage Healing Center, LLC. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Virginia. She is a psychotherapist, an Imago Couple’s Therapist, and a Life and Business Coach. Ms. Boothe has a Masters’ Degree in Social Work from Howard University and Bachelors’ degrees in Social Work and Psychology from York University. Ms. Boothe established Life Enrichment Counseling Center, Inc., in April 2005. Her practice has expanded into four locations in Northern, VA and Washington, DC. In December 2017, Ms. Boothe established Life Enrichment Coaching and Consulting Services. At The Marriage Healing Center, LLC, [...]


“I have experience working with families dealing with mental health, medical, and substance abuse related issues. I deeply believe that couples and families have the intrinsic strength and skills to find a path to overcome recurring patterns that restrict a more positive relationship. From my experience, therapy works best when both the therapist and clients develop goals and strategies to overcome issues. I like to draw from various theories and methods like Communications Theory, Family Systems theory, and Gottman Method, to find one or a combination that works best for clients. I am passionate about working with couples and families [...]


Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” My father worked hard all his life and instilled that work ethic in me. During my career in the military, that work ethic served me well, but in my journey through life I have discovered that one of the most important works worth doing in on ourselves. By doing that work, we can find peace and joy in life; we can show up as the best version of ourselves and enrich the lives of those [...]

Shevy Kana, MA, LPC

“The philosophy that guides my work with clients is a strong core belief in respect for each person’s unique culture and heritage. When I work with clients it is important for me to understand their worldview. There are no cookie cutter therapeutic interventions that work universally on all clients with the exception of the development of strong therapeutic relationship between client and therapist. I believe therapy needs to be meaningful, personal and tailored for each person. I promote clients having an active role in therapy, to include treatment planning and evaluation. I have extensive experience in working with adults and [...]

Jocelyn Lovett, LMFT

“There are times in everyone’s lives where we need a little extra help. I think we as humans are supposed to support and guide each other without judgment through difficulties that seem insurmountable alone. I want to be available to guide you in a professional capacity through whatever trying times you are experiencing. I have 18 years of professional experience helping individuals, couples, and families during periods of struggle. I have had specific experience with marital issues, family conflict, mood instabilities, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, parenting skills, communication difficulties, and anger management. I integrate mindfulness, acceptance, and strength-based approaches into [...]

Susan Piti, M.Ed., LPC

“I have a passion for working with couples to help them identify their strengths and develop goals to improve their relationship. My goal is to help couples connect more emotionally and physically. I believe that learning to live in the present is the key to enriched relationships. Cultivating lasting and significant change is crucial for couples to thrive. I look forward to working with you online to help you improve your couples’ relationship and strengthen your connection together.”

Senovia Ross, MSW, LCSW

Senovia Ross is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, with over 25 years of experience helping individuals and couples work through various life changes and challenges. Most recently, she has transitioned from The Life Enrichment Counseling Center, Inc., to The Marriage Healing Center, LLC. Through holistic relationship counseling and coaching, Mrs. Ross places more emphasis on helping clients build and maintain a healthy lifestyle that involves the mind, body, and spirit. She believes trust, good communication, and commitment are the keys to establishing a solid foundation for a successful relationship. She works with couples who are evolving through various stages of their lives, [...]

Dr. Courtney Shaughnessy, PsyD., MA, LPC

My approach to counseling is to collaborate with my clients to understand their goals both individually and together. I encourage verbal communication skills, coping techniques, understanding empathy, compassion, and acknowledgments. As a marriage counselor, I aim to develop a shared value system between both partners. I will support you in providing a customized counseling experience that will best suit you and your goals. My desire is to provide a structure that will help couples identify their wants and needs to facilitate acceptance and trust in relationships.


I am dedicated to supporting couples on their path to relationship healing and strengthening. Because I believe that therapeutic rapport and alliance are paramount to therapeutic success, my goal in therapy is to hold a compassionate, safe, and non-judgmental space where clients feel seen, heard, and understood. When working with couples, I emphasize that the relationship is my “client” and strive to create a non-partial, cooperative environment to honor the “space between them” by helping each assume responsibility for its sacredness. I appreciate the Gottman 3-prong approach to couples’ work: solidifying the friendship and positive regard so there is a [...]