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Marriage/Couples Coaching

Marriage coaching teaches you to focus on the good and get in touch with what it is that you want most in your relationship.

It is a goal oriented program that is designed to help you and your partner develop new goals and strategies to improve your relationship. Couples coaching works for both couples who are in distress as well as couples whowant to improve their connection and take their relationship to the next level. Couples coaching is not limited to local couples as it is able to service clients nationwide through Telehealth.

Our couples coaching program is here to focus on you, and it will help you create the life and relationship that you dream about. Your coach wants you to develop skills and techniques that can improve your relationship in its current state.

Marriage/Couples coaching can be customized so that you and your partner can work with your coach to develop a plan that meets both your needs.

Signs that you may need a relationship coach:

  • Relationship power struggles
  • Setting boundaries
  • Intimacy issues
  • Not feeling like yourself in the relationship
  • Broken trust/betrayal
  • Preparing for a marriage or thinking of getting married

Coaching Vs. Counseling

Most people often view marriage counselors as an expert with a greater knowledge and educational background in marriage counseling, often turning to the marriage counselor for marital advice and viewing the counselor as an external expert assisting them with marital conflict and communication. Couples counseling often focuses on past traumas, and digging into deep wounds to help heal the relationship in its current state and to help you understand the direct impact those experiences may have on your present relationship.

With relationship coaching, you are the expert in your relationship and your relationship coach is often viewed as an equal partner in the relationship, providing each individual with the tools and strategies useful to improving the relationship overall. Couples coaching helps couples find motivation in their relationship, meet their relationship goals, and is both present and future focused. Couples coaching does not delve into deep issues of the past, but instead focuses on action, accountability, and follow-through. Couples coaching is goal focused and the coach works with you to create action-oriented items to meet those goals.