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Registration and Fees/Payment – Marriage Couples Coaching


Marriage coaching sessions are strictly out of pocket and not covered by insurance.

1. The cost of the Couples/Marriage coaching session is $195 for sixty (60) minutes and offered online only. Packages are also available.

We will provide you with an official receipt after each session if requested.

Marriage/Couples Sessions:
 $195 – 60 minutes
 $270 – 1.5 hours
 $385 – 2 hours
 $575 – 3 hours

Couples Coaching Packages
 $1150 – 6 sessions (a discount of approximately 10 percent)
 $1715 – 10 sessions (a discount of approximately 12 percent)
 $2,300 – 12 sessions (a discount of approximately 15 percent)

Marriage Healing Center, LLC coaching services are offered online only and are available to clients nationwide.

Some Of The Benefits Of Online Coaching Include:
1. A convenient option to meet with your coach since services are only offered online. if you are unable to come to the office due to traveling.

2. A convenient option for couples who do not have access to coaching services in their area.

3. Coaching will help you and your partner create positive strategies to help you and your spouse/partner grow together.

4. You are able to identify your relationship goals and receive guidance and advice to help you and your spouse/partner reach those goals.

5. Sessions can be customized to meet both your needs.

Clients who are interested in this type of coaching must first meet the following criteria.
1. Clients must be mentally stable with no ideation to harm themselves and others.
2. Clients must have the necessary technology to participate in videoconferencing sessions.

If you are interested in receiving online coaching, please contact our office and request an appointment. You will then be assigned a Coach to meet with you.