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Imago Couples Therapy

This type of therapy approach shows couples how to reconnect using a new way of talking together, called the Imago dialogue. It’s a way of listening and speaking which helps you learn more about each other. Imago therapy focuses on building trust in relationships by teaching communication skills which very quickly create a feeling of safety.

Many couples immediately experience an opportunity to connect more deeply with their partners, helping them to appreciate them more, and revive the passion and hope in their relationship. 12 week sessions are recommended for this type of therapy.

Topic 1: Creating Safety in the Relationship – The couple will learn how to create safety in the relationship so that both parties can fully open up and feel connected to one another.

Topic 2: Learning the Couple’s Dialogue Process – Learning the process of accurately reflecting back the “content” of a message from the partner is taught. The couple will learn to paraphrase or mirror what they hear their partner communicates. When couples engage in the Couple’s Dialogue process, both partners will be affirmed, causing trust and closeness to increase.

Topic 3: Dealing with Power Struggle – Couples often struggle with conflict because they want to be heard and want their partner see their point of view. Since each partner have a difference of opinion, it’s important to focus on win-win vs. win-lose when there is conflict. The couple will learn techniques to see conflict as growth and avoid power struggles.

Topic 4: Identifying Childhood Wounds – We all take various wounds from childhood into our adult relationships. Couples will learn that triggers they experience in the relationship, often relate to traumatic events from childhood. Couples will learn how to help each other heal childhood wounds.

Topic 5: Validating and Having Empathy for your Partner – Learning how to see things from your partner’s point of view and recognizing yourself in your partner is an essential part of effective communication. Learning how to do see situations from a different lenses will be modeled in the sessions.

Topic 6: Expressing your Desires – The couple will learn how to express their desires using SMART goals. They will learn to give and receive from one another to increase connection.