“There are times in everyone’s lives where we need a little extra help. I think we as humans are supposed to support and guide each other without judgment through difficulties that seem insurmountable alone. I want to be available to guide you in a professional capacity through whatever trying times you are experiencing. I have 18 years of professional experience helping individuals, couples, and families during periods of struggle.

I have had specific experience with marital issues, family conflict, mood instabilities, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, parenting skills, communication difficulties, and anger management.

I integrate mindfulness, acceptance, and strength-based approaches into treatment which I will tailor to your needs. The theories and techniques I pull mostly from are the solution-focused, psycho-educational, and cognitive-behavioral modalities. If desired, I will incorporate faith-based principles into therapy.

I look forward to helping you move past the difficulties that are holding you back in order to obtain greater happiness individually and in your relationships.”