Marriage Healing Center, LLC is pleased to provide HIPPA compliant online therapy also known as e-therapy for appropriate clients who prefer this counseling method vs. therapy in a traditional office setting. Online therapy will be available for existing clients who are deemed appropriate for this type of therapy. If you are a new client interested in e-therapy, you must first schedule an appointment with our office and be evaluated by one of our therapists to determine if this type of therapy is an appropriate method based on your needs.

Some Of The Benefits Of Online Therapy Include:

  1. A convenient option if you are unable to come to the office due to traveling
  2. A convenient option if you are not feeling well enough to come to the office, but you are still in need of talking to your therapist.

Clients who are interested in this type of therapy must first meet the following criteria.

  1. Clients must be a resident of the State of Virginia
  2. Clients must be mentally stable with no ideation to harm themselves and others.
  3. Clients must have the necessary technology to participate in videoconferencing sessions.

If you are interested in receiving online therapy, please contact our office and request an appointment. You will then be assigned a therapist to meet with you.