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Passionate Relationship

This is a six-week program focusing on how to increase intimacy in the relationship. Emotional and sexual intimacy will be discussed. Safety issues will be discussed in the session to allow the couple to be open up about their desires.

Topic 1: Creating a Safe Relationship – Couples must feel safe with each other to be able to share their struggles with sex and intimacy and to be vulnerable enough to express their sexual desires. Couples will work on opening up in order to experience connection with one another.

Topic 2: Meeting Emotional Needs – The couple will share their emotional needs and talk about how to help meet these needs.

Topic 3: Expressing caring and loving behaviors – It’s important to express caring and loving behaviors for change to occur. The couple will express the behaviors needed to feel cared for and loved.

Topic 4: Defining Intimacy and Sex in the Relationship – The couple will discuss what intimacy and sex is like in their relationship. They will discuss what works and what needs improvement. They will also define what they need to meet each other’s physical needs.

Topic 5: Developing a vision and goal for maintaining sexual connection – Once the couple have worked on identifying their emotional and sexual needs, they will work on identifying agreed upon vision and goals for meeting their sexual needs.

Topic 6: Techniques for staying Connected – It’s critical that the couple is able to maintain the work they have done when the therapy sessions are completed. In order for the couple to continue their progress, they will learn techniques for maintaining their work at home.