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Affair Recovery

This is a 12-week structured therapy program to help guide couples recovering from relationship injuries such as extra-marital affairs and other broken trust issues in the relationship. Emphasis is on understanding why the affair happened, grieving the loss, how to forgive and how to move forward with the relationship.

The topics will include the following:

Topic 1: The Commitment – In this session, the couple will work on creating safety for openness and honesty to occur. During this session, the unfaithful partner must commit to ending the affair. There must be a willingness for the unfaithful partner to commit to doing the work to repair the relationship.

Topic 2: The Affair Story – Healing can’t begin until the full story is told. The unfaithful partner must be willing to provide answers to the offended partner. This is done in a safe environment for both parties.

Topic 3: Personal Healing – In this session, the focus will be on how to better take care of your mind, body and spirit as you work through this traumatic event. The offended partner must take the time to work on taking the time to focus on self in order to heal. The unfaithful partner must also work on letting go of guilt and shame and focus on caring for self in order to heal.

Topic 4: Sex and Intimacy – The session will focus on discussing intimacy and sex in the marriage and any intimacy issues that existed before the affair and after the affair occurred. The couple will work sharing on their feelings about sex and intimacy and discuss how to reconnect on this level with safety.

Topic 5: Emotional Needs – It’s important for the couple to work on how to meet each other’s emotional needs. They will learn to open up and talk to each other. They will learn how to communicate to each other in a safe manner. They will learn the importance of active listening.

Topic 7: Setting Boundaries – The couple will work on setting boundaries with each other. They will work on deciding what boundaries should be in place in order to feel safe.

Topic 8: Forgiveness – Learning how to forgive is important for yourself and not just about the other person. The importance of not letting go of your anger and not letting it fester on the inside. Forgiveness is not a quick process as it takes time to forgive the person who has offended you.

Topic 9: Moving Forward – Being able to move forward in your life and the relationship is important for healing. Learning new techniques to maintain the progress that has been made is also critical to stay on course.