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Enhanced Communication

This 8-week counseling program will assist partners to change old destructive forms of interaction. Couples learn and refine communication secrets for ensuring successful expression of each partner’s thoughts, feelings, and requests for joint co-operation.

The result is everyone is responsible for sharing their deepest desires and knowing how to achieve happiness in negotiating relationship activities. If you are ready to enhance your communication skills, then this type of counseling may just be what you need.

Topics to be discussed include the following:

Topic 1: Creating Safety in the Relationship – The couple will learn how to create safety in the relationship so that both parties can fully open up and feel connected to one another.

Topic 2: Actively Listening Skills – The couples will learn to listen to respond to their partner to improve their mutual understanding.

Topic 3: Learning to flat mirror or summarize – Mirroring is a simple form of reflecting and involves repeating what the speaker says. The couple will learn the techniques of how to mirror or summarize what their spouse is saying in order to understand what they are trying to communicate.

Topic 4: Communicating frustrations effectively – Many couples avoid conflict because they are afraid that an argument will occur if they express their frustrations. The couple will learn how to communicate their frustrations effectively and realize that conflict is an opportunity to grow.

Topic 5: Learning to validate and have empathy for your partner – Learning how to put yourself in the other person’s shoes is the goal of validating and having empathy for your partner. The couple will learn how to understand their partner’s needs and see things from their perspective without losing themselves.

Topic 6: Learning to ask for what you want – Couples sometimes struggle to ask for what they want, because they feel their partner should already know. Some people struggle to express their desires because they feel that they are being selfish. Learning how to ask your spouse to meet your desires will be taught in the session.