Dr. Bhavani R. Hamann, Ph.D., M (Med. and Psy.) SW, M (Psy.) SW

“I have experience working with families dealing with mental health, medical, and substance abuse related issues. I deeply believe that couples and families have the intrinsic strength and skills to find a path to overcome recurring patterns that restrict a more positive relationship. From my experience, therapy works best when both the therapist and clients develop goals and strategies to overcome issues. I like to draw from various theories and methods like Communications Theory, Family Systems theory, and Gottman Method, to find one or a combination that works best for clients. I am passionate about working with couples and families [...]

Kent Jensen, MSW, MPA, Social Work Supervisee

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” My father worked hard all his life and instilled that work ethic in me. During my career in the military, that work ethic served me well, but in my journey through life I have discovered that one of the most important works worth doing in on ourselves. By doing that work, we can find peace and joy in life; we can show up as the best version of ourselves and enrich the lives of those [...]

Carole Thomas, MSW

I am dedicated to supporting couples on their path to relationship healing and strengthening. Because I believe that therapeutic rapport and alliance are paramount to therapeutic success, my goal in therapy is to hold a compassionate, safe, and non-judgmental space where clients feel seen, heard, and understood. When working with couples, I emphasize that the relationship is my “client” and strive to create a non-partial, cooperative environment to honor the “space between them” by helping each assume responsibility for its sacredness. I appreciate the Gottman 3-prong approach to couples’ work: solidifying the friendship and positive regard so there is a [...]